Why you should choose timber decking over a patio.

If you’re looking to add extra space for airy entertaining or for your family to enjoy great weather, a well followed path is to add decking or a patio to the outside of your home.

Patios can come in many different materials including slate and concrete, whereas decking is made from different types of timber. So what makes timber decking so special?


As decking is not built directly on the ground like patio is, it is much more versatile. If your garden isn’t very flat you can even it out by lying decking over the top. Perhaps there is a sloped and unusable area of your garden? Decking can help fix this at is can be laid to accommodate these spaces. This helps you use space that may have otherwise been wasted


If you have children, you’ll know that letting them out in the garden can be daunting if there is a patio laid. The stumbles and falls that occur on decking will be less impactful and dangerous than those on a patio. This is because a fall on timber does much less damage than a fall on stone!

Decking can also be fitted with safety rails so that your children and pats can enjoy the patio but the rails will restrict them from going any further unless you allow them to.


Decking never fails to impress and with proper care it can last very long time and look amazing for the whole time.

Patios can often look dull as they’re made of stone and can fade and dullen with the weather. They also damage easily and it is much more difficult to replace when one does break.

To find your dream decking, contact a professional today. You’re only a few steps away!

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