Why Timber Is The Right Choice For Your Home


Timber is naturally sturdy and long lasting, making it a popular building material. With more tensile strength than steel (for its weight), timber is robust enough to support a building. If you are building a house from scratch, a timber frame is worth considering as they are very quick to construct. Unlike most manufactured materials, timber has the flexibility to adapt to changes and movements in the foundations of a building over time.



Timber is both long lasting and easy to maintain. Other than the occasional coat of varnish, timber flooring will last for decades without needing any attention. Timber is also a more hygienic choice than other materials such as carpet, as it is easy to wipe clean following any spills, preventing bacteria from growing.


Timber has the lowest energy consumption and lowest CO2 emission of any frequently used building materials. The reason for this is because wood actually absorbs environmental CO2, and so it is the only construction material with no carbon footprint. Make sure that the timber you are using is sustainable by checking that it has the PEFC or FSC certificate, to confirm your supplier is sourcing timber sustainably from managed forests.


With so many different colours, finishes and cuts of timber available, it is a very adaptable material suitable for use all around the home. The natural acoustics and insulating properties of timber make it an obvious choice for uses such as flooring, but there are so many other ways to use timber in the home, from kitchen work tops to a feature wall using wood panelling or cladding. The unique natural and warm style of timber make it a popular material to add character to a room. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, timber is very easy to work with, so it is a great choice for any projects that you are carrying out.

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