Ways to Make a Real Impact in Your Garden with a Water Feature

Nothing is more calming that the sound of running water and with so many varieties of water features available, any garden can enjoy this, regardless of the size. From tranquil ponds with natural waterfalls to small-scale trickling fountains, creating an impact with water in your garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Features for Larger Gardens

Where there’s plenty of available space, a large fish pond can bring a wonderful twist to the landscape of your garden and can really fill up wasted space. You can also be incredibly creative with the water feature you add to your pond, opting for anything from a large waterfall to a central fountain that builds on the wow-factor.

Installing these types of features in your garden will not only provide you with soothing sounds but will also create a focal point that sets off your garden. Where you choose to situate the fountain can also add to the effect. For example, you may choose to install it amongst a flower bed so it looks more natural and can be ‘discovered’ as guests walk around your garden; or, you could place it in the centre so it’s enjoyed from all angles.

Features for Smaller Gardens

A smaller garden doesn’t have to sacrifice a water feature as there are hundreds of small- to medium-size fountains that offer everything from understated trickles to spectacular jets of water. Placed near to your seating area or just outside your back door, you’ll be able to enjoy these indulgent sounds even if you don’t have much space to sit out in.

Add Further Impact with Lighting

A great way to add to the overall effect of your water feature is to add to it with lighting. You could choose to light up your garden to show off your feature or opt for underwater lighting that adds a more enchanting effect. Having these types of enhancements will allow you to not only enjoy your garden during the warmer summer months when you sit outside but you’ll also be able to admire the feature from the warmth of your home during winter.

Whatever your choice of water feature, all you need to do is make sure you’re equipped with the right water pumps from SGS. These will help to keep your pond clean and will allow you to enjoy this stunning feature all year round.

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