Unfinished vs. Prefinished: Which Option is Right for Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors bring a sense of timeless luxury and comfort that few other flooring materials come close to matching, and yet there are plenty of choices to make even after you’ve decided on your hardwood. One of the most important is whether to use planks that are prefinished or planks that are unfinished. As you might expect, there are benefits on both sides.

What Are the Benefits of Prefinished Planks?

Prefinished planks are finished when they leave the manufacturer. The advantages of using them generally revolve around convenience. Most importantly, installation takes far less time since the planks only need to be assembled and then fitted into place. Once installed, you won’t need to put up with the fumes or mess of finish, and neither will you be forced to wait for your floor to dry before walking on it or putting your furniture back where it came from.

And convenience isn’t all. Prefinished timber can be supplied in the exact lengths and finish that you require, and there should be no inconsistencies in the finish.

What Are the Benefits of Unfinished Planks?

Unfinished planks arrive ready for you to finish yourself. After reading through the benefits of prefinished planks, you might be wondering why anyone would opt for unfinished. The truth is that, while they require more work, unfinished planks boast plenty of positive characteristics.

Perhaps most importantly, unfinished planks provide greater freedom to make the floor your own. To start with, several plank lengths and species of wood can only come when you order them unfinished. When those planks arrive, you can match the new wood exactly with your existing décor. You’ll also be able to have custom work done on unfinished floors that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Finally, keep in mind that prefinished floor boards will almost always have small bevelled edges; this helps create a uniform appearance, but not the smoothest floor possible.


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