Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

The transformation of the bedroom into a second living room began with the launch of the iPad: people retreated into the bedroom to spend time watching videos and reading papers. This has led to an upsurge in spending on beds and bedding. Brent Cooper, managing director at Simon Horn Interiors, says that a total bedroom revamp now involves: “The very best mattress you can afford, a wonderful centrepiece bed with co-ordinating furniture, customised lighting and built-in audio visual systems.” If your aim is to create what Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company, calls “a cool, airy sanctuary in summer and a cocoon in the winter”, this is what you need to know.

1. You can spend as much as £52,975 on a mattress from Savoir, the British business on whose beds Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe enjoyed their shut-eye — but even if you pay a tiny fraction of this, it is money well spent. Adam Black at Button & Sprung says: “Spend as much as you can afford on a mattress. A decent mattress will last longer than ten years. That’s a minimum of 3,650 nights of sleep, so if you spend £1,500 on a mattress that’s about 50p per night.” The most supportive mattresses are pocket sprung. Mattress toppers are an affordable way of making your bed more comfortable; the selection at Marks & Spencer costs from £19.50-£139, depending on the size of the bed and the filling.

2. Brent Cooper says the two key headboard trends are upholstery and height. The principal inspiration for these styles? Boutique hotels. He says: “Upholstered headboards are increasingly popular as they allow you to create a unique look: any height, any width, any fabric and any design detail, such as deep buttoned, studs and piping. The standard headboard height is 120cm but we are now regularly commissioned to make headboards up to 200cm high.

3. Hungarian goosedown may be expensive but it seems people are willing to pay more for luxury. John Lewis and Soak & Sleep say that goosedown is the No 1 for sales of pillows and duvets. Why? Goosedown is light and airy, with exceptional warmth retention. Pillows cost from £55 at Soak & Sleep and £60 at John Lewis. Duvets cost as much as £390. Synthetic fillings designed to mimic the comfort of goosedown are a budget alternative. Soak & Sleep offers the Soft as Down range with pillows from £19.

4. Wool is also having its moment. Neville Moore at SlumberSlumber says that wool is the new trend in filling for pillows and duvets. He says: “Wool is scientifically proven to improve the quality of your sleep — it reduces your heart rate, giving you a deeper, more relaxed sleep. It regulates body temperature, so you’ll never be too hot in summer but will stay toasty in winter. Wool pillows are naturally resistant to dust mite allergies. In addition, the ambassador for wool is the Prince of Wales and if it’s good enough for Prince Charles, it’s good enough for us.”

5. Sheet thread count is a contentious issue: some people say that they cannot tell the difference between the 200 and 800-thread-count sheets. People with better things to do than argue about sheets simply go for the best quality that they can afford. Andrew Dunning, of the APD Interiors design consultancy, says: “ The 800-thread-count sheets may be expensive but spread that cost over the time you will own and sleep in it and the cost of luxury comes down.” The White Company’s best-seller is Savoy, a 400-thread-count sheet made from Egyptian cotton percale. A pillow case costs £20. The Pimlico 720-thread-count range starts at £50 for a pillow case.

6. Buying oversized duvets and duvet covers is an easy way to get the luxury look for less, suggests Dunning, who advises that you buy a superking duvet for a king-sized bed. The seasonal revamp is another way to achieve the high-end look for less. Dunning recommends: “Keep different throws and cushions for summer and winter — keeping it lighter and brighter in summer, then in winter go to town with faux furs throws and extravagant velvets.”

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Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

The transformation of the bedroom into a second living room began with the launch of the iPad: people retreated into the bedroom to spend time …