Tr??h ?nd Treasure

B?b ?nd L?nd? w?r? a m?ddl? ?g?d ??u?l? th?t ???nt m??t ?f their w??k?nd? browsing thr?ugh ?ut of th? way m?rk?t?. Not f??d and ?r?du?? m?rk?t?, their ?nt?r??t was ?n ?ld furn?tur? markets, bric-a-brac, h?u??h?ld g??d?. Linda h?d a g??d ??? f?r furn?tur? that h?d a un??u? ?????r?n?? ?nd Bob w?? g??d with h?? h?nd?. He w??n’t a ?r?ft?m?n b? ?n? m??n?, m?r? a handyman w?th ??t??n?? and th? ?b?l?t? to und?r?t?nd how th?ng? were m?d? and how they w?rk?d.


Ev?r? S?turd?? m?rn?ng, th?? would r??d the local n?w?????r looking f?r Trash ?nd Tr???ur? m?rk?t? where ????l? brought ?l?ng their unwanted h?m? items, l??d them ?ut ?n a ?m?ll table or ?h??t on the ground ?nd w??t?d f?r passers-by t? m?k? a ?ur?h???. Th? m?r? ?rt??t?? types m?d? th?ng? ?t h?m? l?k? j?w?ll?r?, clothing ?nd l??th?r g??d? t? sell at th??? ?uburb?n m?rk?t?.

Bob and Linda w?uld ??r?full? pick thr?ugh th? most unu?u?l ?t?m?, th?ng? th?t looked a l?ttl? ?n need ?f m??nt?n?n??, maybe a b?t ?f TLC. Th?? would bu? them at a bargain ?r??? ?? th? vendors ju?t wanted a quick ??l?. With the ?t?m ?t h?m?, th?? ???nt some evenings r????r?ng, refurbishing and l?v?ngl? bringing b??k t? ?lm??t new a piece ?f furniture, an ?ld gr?ndf?th?r clock ?r m??b? ?v?n a t?m?w?rn ?h?ld’? toy. On?? th? ?t?m was looking like n?w and w?rk?ng ?r???rl?, they w?uld ??ll ?t on EB??. It w?? a h?bb? and ?t t?m?? a lucrative ??ur?? ?f extra ?n??m?.

B?b’? ??????lt? w?? m?k?ng ?ld furniture l??k like new. Old chairs and t?bl?? m?d? in th? early 20th century, ??rt??ul?rl? ?n th? 60’?, attracted a l?t of bu??r ?tt?nt??n. Bob loved ????ng th? w?? old furn?tur? had b??n m?d? with d?v?t??l j??nt? ?nd hidden h?ng?? and b??ut?full? turn?d w??d?n l?g?. L?nd? l?k?d to turn h?r ?b?l?t? t? f?ddl? little th?ng?, like ?ld ??nd?nt?, fob watches ?nd reupholstering ??f?? ?nd the ??dd?d ???t? ?n ?h??r?. They made a great t??m.

Th??r garage h?d been ??t up as a w?rk?h?? ?nd th?? h?d r?-?nv??t?d a b?t of m?n?? from th??r EBay ??l?? to ?ur?h??? h?nd t??l? and m??h?n?r? t? enable th?m to d? th? b??t j?b ?????bl?. B?b even h?d a w??d l?th? he researched here, b???u?? th? chair, w?rdr?b?, ?nd t?bl? l?g? w?r? ??m?t?m?? d?m?g?d ?r m????ng ?nd ??th?r h? h?d t? m?k? a wh?l? n?w ??t ?f legs ?r m?k? ?n? ?r tw? identical t? the ?x??t?ng ones. He w?? ???r????t?v? of th? ?k?ll? of the w??d turners from so l?ng ?g? ?nd th? ?ntr???t? shapes they w?r? ?bl? to produce back in th??? d???. His final touch was to paint the finished item with his special wood coating. When finished, it looked beautiful.

The tw? ?f th?m would labor ?w?? th? evenings t?nk?r?ng, hammering, sawing, dr?ll?ng, glu?ng and r????r?ng their latest projects. B?b would b? using his m?n? w??d l?th? ?n one end of th? b?n?h ?nd Linda w?uld b? u??ng a m?n??tur? screwdriver ??t wh?l? ?ull?ng apart an ?ld watch at the ?th?r ?nd. There ?? ??rt??nl? a lot of truth ?n th? saying: On? man’s trash is another m?n’? tr???ur?!

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Tr??h ?nd Treasure

B?b ?nd L?nd? w?r? a m?ddl? ?g?d ??u?l? th?t ???nt m??t ?f their w??k?nd? browsing thr?ugh ?ut of th? way m?rk?t?. Not f??d and ?r?du?? …