The Rise of Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Click Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices for the modern home. Available in a huge choice of designs, it comes with a vast array of benefits. Helping you to give your home a luxury makeover without the luxury price tag, this type of floor has quickly become a bestseller.

Karndean Palio Bolsena CP4507 Clic Vinyl Plank Room Set

What is Click Vinyl?

Click vinyl is designed a lot like traditional laminate flooring. That is, it easily clicks together rather than being stuck down with adhesive. This means it also doesn’t come in sheets or rolls like the thinner standard cushioned vinyl flooring does. The benefit of this is that you get a more realistic wooden or tile effect. The floor is separated into individual planks or tiles and is much thicker, providing a solid, comfortable and warm feel underfoot.

Of course, the fact the floor does just clicks together also makes installation a lot quicker. The only thing click vinyl requires that stick down vinyl doesn’t is an expansion gap.

Top benefits of click vinyl

Despite the obvious benefits of click vinyl being easier to install, there are actually quite a lot of other benefits provided with this flooring type. The large selection of designs is excellent. There are hundreds of different patterns and styles available to suit any home. Modern vinyl flooring focuses on providing a realistic stone or wooden effect. So you manage to benefit from the look of real wood for example, without the high cost and heavy maintenance that comes with it.

Vinyl is very easy to maintain. It is a lot more practical and easy to clean than wooden floors for example. Any spills can be quickly mopped up due to the splash resistant surface. However, as click vinyl is thicker than stick down vinyl, it does mean it isn’t as resistant to high temperatures and it isn’t completely waterproof. Therefore you should avoid installing it in areas such as conservatories unless you are able to protect the floor from excessive sun light.

The price of click vinyl is also a huge benefit. Even the luxury varieties come at a great, affordable price. So even those on a budget can benefit from a luxurious and stylish new floor.

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