The future of electricity and energy:

Have you ever imagined how the future of the country or our entire world would be? With a fast depleting source of petroleum and other resources, the chances of getting electricity from non-renewable sources for appliances are at stake. But we always have an alternative. And some among them include nuclear energy, solar energy and so on. The renewable resources are now increasingly getting popular among the people all around the world. But still, around 67% of the people depend on non-renewable resources.

A list of advantages that can be gained from the renewable resources are as follows,

  • First and foremost reason is it that it is available in abundance.
  • The variety of options act handy and helpful. You can choose from hydropower to solar power anything you need.
  • It is easy to use and clean than that in the case of non- renewable resources like coal, fossil fuel, etc.
  • This energy construction requires a huge sum of labour. Thus, increasing the work availability. In the US approximately around 800000 people are employed in such work.
  • It is safe, profitable and healthy.

Let me say about a few renewable resources which you can choose over your existing energy options.

  • Solar energy:

Solar energy is acquired from the sun. It is used in solar heaters, solar calculators and many others. Earlier it was a little costly. Now it is reducing rates leave about 1.3% of the population dependent upon it. It is harnessed with the help of technology such as photovoltaic cells, solar panels, etc. It does not emit CO2 which in turn reduces air pollution.

  • Hydropower

Hydropower or tidal energy are generated from water. This kind of energy is generated by movement in oceans or any other water sources. So it cannot be exhausted at all. One of the main advantages is that it involves low installation costs than its competitor resources. As we have a lot of dams and reservoirs it will be a brilliant and practical choice. Currently, 20% of the energy is acquired from it. 95% of the villages are run upon it.

  • Wind energy

This is yet another way to extract energy. This is done through means of raising windmills. But there exist a few drawbacks making it unsuitable for daily use. It is a bit costly when it comes to installation and maintenance. It is produced when the turbines move as a result of air. Texas accounts for the highest producer of wind-related energy.

  • Nuclear energy

I guess that nuclear has been now fruitfully utilized after world war 2.  It is produced by nuclear fission or fusion. The cost involved in setting up a nuclear reactor and maintaining it is extremely high. Also, it involves a lot of safety issues. But a large number of countries are dependent upon it.

Other than the above we also have thermal energy, biomass energy and a number of others available. It is never too late to change our stand and move to renewable resources. It is the only way to reduce your electricity bills and above all save our mother earth. Let the first step begin with you.

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