Rubbish Removal Tips to Help You De-clutter Before the Big Move

Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience. The entire process is exhausting, especially if you don’t have any outside help. One of the worst aspects of moving is de-cluttering and cleaning up. There are many items you need to sort in the house. Some of them will go to the rubbish removal can, others will be recycled, and some will be packaged for transportation to the new house. Here are some tips to ease the de-cluttering process before your big move:

?      Follow a System

Using a logical system will reduce confusion greatly. You can use a simple guide that helps you decide whether a certain item would be worth keeping or throwing away. For example, you can choose to throw or give away anything you never use. Whenever you sort the items, you should have a pile for trash and another one for recyclables. Anything else will be packaged when you are ready for the move.

?      Handle One Room at a Time

Sorting trash randomly can get you confused and tired. You will never have a sense of how far you are with the whole task and might even keep sorting the same items multiple times. To reduce this problem, you should make sure you handle all the items in a particular room before moving to the next. When you’re done with the room, tick it off the list so you don’t go back to it later.

?      Start Early

Moving can be daunting if you leave everything for the last day. You should consider sorting your items even weeks before the eventual move. The disposal of large items like chairs and couches should be done early enough since you will need to find out where you will throw them. Other items like functional electronics might need to be resold, and that is almost impossible to do in just a few days.

?      Don’t Buy New Boxes 

Buying new boxes will add to the clutter. Instead, you should use your old packaging boxes and suitcases. If necessary, you can obtain extra boxes from neighbours or local businesses. Many people around you are likely to be trying to throw away their old boxes and would gladly share them with you. Once you settle in your new place, you can find another use for the boxes or simply give them away to people who might need them for packaging.

?      Use Old Towels and Clothes to Wrap Fragile Items

Old clothes might seem useless, but they can help prevent the breakage of your glasses. Usually, people purchase new sheets of packing paper to secure their fragile products, but that would cost you money and also add to the number of items you intend to transport. Instead of that, wrap the items with the clothes or towels you no longer use.

?      Hold a Yard Sale

When you finally decide what to put in the garbage can and what to resell, you can set up a yard sale. You should sell the items at throwaway prices if you want to get rid of them fast. Alternatively, donate items like clothes and cooking ingredients to charities.

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