Rotpunkt Kitchens Guide – All You Ever Need to Know About the Rotpunkt Design

All you need to know about Rotpunkt Kitchens – from what they are and why you need one in your home.

When you think of all the great things that have come out of Germany you never think of beautiful kitchens. Sure, many things you don’t expect, like Fanta, the Taximeter and the Holepunch have come from German soil, but ‘German kitchen design’ wasn’t a phrase that sprung into your mind – until now. If you’re looking for a beautiful, stylish and effortlessly modern kitchen, you’re in the right place. Enter, Rotpunkt Kitchens. However, Rotpunkt Kitchens are no new phenomenon however… they have been around since 1930 and sell merchandise to over 20 countries all around the world. So, if you haven’t heard of them yet, why not?

So many places over the UK stock Rotpunkt kitchens, including Roman Kitchens, a company specialising in kitchen design in Essex. We’ve teamed up with them to find out why Rotpunkt Kitchens not only look beautiful, but why they’re the ideal kitchen for any home. We’ll be looking into the smart engineering and functionality of their merchandise, as well as why they’re too good to miss out on, and why you need one in your home. For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so you need a beautiful kitchen to match your beautiful home, and a Rotpunkt kitchen may be the one for you! This is your ultimate guide to Rotpunkt Kitchens…

Rotpunkt’s Background

Back in 1930 Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer, the founders, used to make cigar boxes, moving to wooden toys and sewing boxes then finally, in 1950, producing kitchen cupboards. The family run business has been creating beautiful kitchen pieces for decades and are now leading experts in the field of kitchen design. Their mission? Creating quality kitchens, that last. Made from the finest woods and other materials, to give their customers a variety of choice when it comes to their kitchen suites. Over time, Rotpunkt’s kitchens have evolved into something spectacular, a true marvel of design, functionality and innovation. But what makes a Rotpunkt kitchen so special?

Three things make Rotpunkt stand out from the rest – the Quality, the Design and the Innovation…


The quality of the material Rotpunkt use in all their products is astounding. Kitchens are always a very large investment, so Rotpunkt ensure their kitchens withstand the test of time. They are renowned for their durability and lasting quality. Their units are efficiently built to with stand years of cooking, cleaning and life. They are super tough and known for being resilient against the challenges of home life. Not only are all their units of a high quality and standard, but they are an environmentally conscious company too. They produce their wooden units with 37% less timber to be eco-friendly. All of Rotpunkt’s products are created with care, precision and with the user in mind – to deliver the best enduring kitchen for every style of kitchen. Quality fittings and fixtures made with the toughest of German workmanship, producing a range of beautiful units for your kitchen. So why not bag yourself a quality kitchen, that is eco-friendly too?


The design of every kitchen is different, it fits the lifestyle of whoever’s home it is. But smart design always trumps all. No matter the space you have available, Rotpunkt kitchens’ design is always, and always will be, intelligent. Not only that, but Rotpunkt kitchens are ultra-stylish, and suit every kitchen style. Be it modern, classic or even shaker, Rotpunkt kitchens comfortably mix into your dream kitchen style, with effortless ease and a stylish grace. They incorporate the finest materials into their design, be it wood, marble or even laminate surfaces for unit, a Rotpunkt kitchen brings out the best in any kind of design. They’re minimal too, to keep on trend with the latest in modern kitchen design and ever so chic too. The sleek cabinets and units bounce light around the room, to maximise even the most minimal amount of light, to create a bright and spacious kitchen. All of their designs are bespoke and beautifully crafted, you won’t find a better design for your kitchen anywhere else.


Kitchen design and gadgets are always progressing further and further forward (who knew 20 years ago we’d have mini espresso machines at home!). With everything constantly evolving in the home, your kitchen has to as well. Rotpunkt kitchen designs are modern, innovative and functional above all else. A Rotpunkt kitchen effortlessly fits into any home, creating an immediate modern feel in any kitchen. With sleek handle-less cabinets and cupboards, Rotpunkt kitchens are effortlessly modern designed to be so very stylish. The finest German sleek design, merged with a beautiful kitchen. Rotpunkt kitchens are always on trend and ahead of the curve in design and innovations, but they’re also timeless. Each design will not only last for an age but will remain looking good too. They really stand the test of time, in both design and quality.

Beautiful? Check. Stylish? Check. Durable? Check – Rotpunkt Kitchens have got it all. Speaking with our kitchen design in essex expert, we found out that all of their customers who chose to have a Rotpunkt Kitchen fitted, absolutely loved them. It may seem like we’re trying to sell you a Rotpunkt Kitchen, (we’re really not, promise) but we can’t help but express our love for them. If you want functionality, style and flawless design, a Rotpunkt kitchen may be the kitchen of your dreams (it’s ours! Last time, we swear).

Rotpunkt Kitchens are only going to expand further and further in the coming years. Their designs are timeless and modern, with durability to last a lifetime. You won’t be tearing out a Rotpunkt kitchen anytime soon. If you want to be on trend and have a high-quality end product, you need to invest in a Rotpunkt kitchen for your home. Beautifully modern and stylish kitchens, straight from Germany. Are stylish, modern, innovative and durable kitchens your style? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you… (okay, actual last time we promise). Rotpunkt kitchens are the ultimate edition to upgrade any stylish home.

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Rotpunkt Kitchens Guide – All You Ever Need to Know About the Rotpunkt Design

All you need to know about Rotpunkt Kitchens – from what they are and why you need one in your home. When you think of …