Reasons Why You Must Focus on Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry likes to tell you what to do: wear this top, buy these pants, use it with a pair of boots, carry this bag. But when they talk about sustainable fashion, they are mostly stuck, and of course, they know they have a green wardrobe, but what exactly are they? Take Yew’s ethical sportswear for example, which is made out of environmentally friendly materials. Also, companies like Chanel with their organic cotton – make a huge difference. And here’s another: every time you spend money on fashion, you tell the industry what to do. Now, don’t you want to use this power wisely?

  • It is better on the earth

The fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint, from the pesticides used in cotton and leached chemical products, to the toxic dyes that mix with the bluish green and the impact of the clothes. Worn and energy needed for your room. Choosing organic fibers or durable fabrics, such as those made with bamboo or hemp, can also reduce the amount of carbon they release and the chemicals that it introduces into your life, and there is no doubt that it is a good thing.

  • It is better for people.

The purchase of garments labeled under the Fair-Trade Act is feasible on several levels: it was ensured that they were produced under safe working conditions, that they were not subject to clothing and that the person who made them earned a fair wage. This says a lot about an industry known for hard work practices and unhealthy cost reductions; The purchase of equitable pieces proves that people and places count as much (or more) than the final result of the company.

  • It is better for animals.

You may like to think twice before buying them. The same goes for anything that is for leather, and for vegans, this refusal to enjoy animals goes as far as wool or silk. By making sure that your wardrobe is provided with clothes without cruelty, you will not be able to worry about what you are wearing.

  • Lasts longer

Instead of using modern organic leggings for just one season, invest in classic shapes, elegant silhouettes and infallible colors that you can exhibit for years to come. Reducing waste and reducing your consumption will cost more for the planet, in terms of saving energy and resources, that store unnecessary clothes (even if they were manufactured without pesticides).

Wherever possible, try to make your fashion choices with the Earth in mind. For example, consider Get Razor Advice‘s suggestion to purchase permanent shaving solutions rather than putting out unnecessary plastic by purchasing disposable razors all the time.

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