I was watching a short YouTube video that showed the ‘sharpest knife in the world’, or at least that’s what it said. I will admit I was rather impressed at how the knife could slice a paper thin piece of tomato while said tomato was lying on the bench, and the guy cutting was just sliding the blade through. Yes, truly sharp. I want one! That’s my immediate reaction but in the meantime, I had a meal to prepare which included slicing a vegetable, an onion. The kitchen knife I have is rather sharp as well, and if this has happened once, it’s happened a few times. If you don’t concentrate on what you are doing, zap! One finger is 3 layers of skin shorter, or you have a cut a centimetre deep and blood is just gurgling from the wound all over your veggie!

Man laying laminate flooring

I raced off to the bathroom to wash and bind, but all I got was a wash. Anyway, to make a long story short, after I eventually ran next door to get a bandage, I made a promise to place a proper first aid style kit with proper supplies in the bathroom. For heaven’s sake, we had one in the car, which my husband drives to work each day. Doh!

Here’re a list and some tips on what to stock it with and where you can buy all the stuff. Read it.

Th?r? are ?? m?n? options ?nd ?? much th?t ??uld b? ?n a k?t. To f?nd ?ut wh??h f?r?t ??d k?t is best for ??u ?t?rt w?th th? f?ll?w?ng ?u??t??n?:

Where do ??u ?l?n t? u?? it? I? it f?r th? ??r, home, b??t, h?l?d?? ?r ?v?r???? tr?v?l?

Wh?t w?ll ?t b? used for?

What are the l?k?l? accidents or injuries that ??u m?? ?n??unt?r?

Maybe th? first aid k?t ?? n??d?d f?r a group ??t?v?t?.

Wh?t ??t?v?t??? w?ll the group b? d??ng? “L?z?ng” ?r?und l??t?n?ng t? l??tur?? or doing ?xtr?m? sports?

Depending on what you ?r? wanting the k?t f?r and th? ?m?unt ?f people it n??d? t? ??v?r, will influence th? ??z? ?f the k?t ?nd the type ?f container in which you store it. A tackle box makes a good first aid kit container ?r ?t ??n be as simple ?? a r????l?bl? ?l?? lock b?g. Where ??u keep th? k?t will ?l?? influence ?t? ??z?. S? where will ??u ?t?r? th? k?t?

  • b?thr??m ??b?n?t
  • k?t?h?n cabinet
  • ??r (?f ?t ?? a small kit the gl?v? ??m??rtm?nt is m??t ???????bl?)

Your First Aid K?t ?h?uld ?lw??? b? kept ?n an ?r?? where it can be easily f?und and accessed.

Bottom l?n? – a f?r?t aid k?t n??d? t? ?u?t what ??u n??d it f?r.

Basic F?r?t Aid Kit – A basic first ??d k?t d???n’t n??d t? ?n?lud? ?v?r? piece of First Aid ??u??m?nt th?ugh it m?ght as w?ll have b???? yet useful ??nt?nt.

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