Making Your Child’s Room A Green Space

It can seem more difficult to go green when you have children, since there are so many things that they need, and want, that might not have green options. Especially the “wants.” However, there are some options out there, even if you simply focus on more green decor than anything else.


While your child may want the latest and greatest in toys and gadgets, and some of those toys may not fit into the green side of things, you can still do your best to make the majority of their belongings something more earth friendly. Plus, when it comes to getting rid of their used items you can also teach them about recycling and donating.

Their School Workspace

A greener and healthier child starts with ensuring they have a great space to do their homework and artwork. Not only can you find ergonomic chairs perfect for kids of all ages, but you may also want to consider buying desks and chairs in a more sustainable material. Pass on plastic and particle board and consider something quality made with a material like bamboo.

Not only will these products help teach your children how to live a more sustainable and healthier life, for them and the rest of the world, but you’ll also be investing in products that are well made and built to last.

Bedding Options

Not only will you want to shop for a more sustainable bed frame, but what you put on the bed matters as well. It’s likely that if you’ve ever used synthetic sheets you noticed that they feel rough and scratchy, like sandpaper. Skip synthetics and go for natural products.

Consider 100 percent cotton, as one option. You can also find bedding made out of bamboo, hemp, and other natural, alternative, fibers. You can find them in an array of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find something your kids will love.

Decorating More Naturally

There are many ways to decorate a child’s room. First, you want to know about what is already there, such as whether or not the wall has lead-based paint. If you live in a much older home this could be a possibility, while newer homes won’t have this issue. If you do paint, try to shop for nontoxic options.

As far as wall decorations go, consider framing your child’s own art. You can even make your own frames using things from nature like stones and twigs, or things from the kitchen, like pasta. Have a little fun with it.

While you’re still going to be buying your kids plastic My Little Ponies and plastic superhero action figures, you can add in some toys made out of healthier materials whenever you get the chance. Also, encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations as a toy, or spend some time outside exploring.

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