Items to Bring While Spending Time Outdoors

Those who enjoy going on adventures or staying physically active often spend plenty of time outside. From hiking on different trails to spending time in the water, there are several ways to have fun to avoid staying cooped up indoors. Whether you plan to go camping or on a water adventure, there are a few important items to have on hand.

Folding Pocket Knife

Folding pocket knives are compact and lightweight to ensure that you can be equipped for any type of adventure. Many pocket knives come with multiple tools, which often include scissors, toothpicks, tweezers, a screwdriver, and a nail file. You can use the product to cut open boxes, repair a bike or even cut off fruit from a tree to avoid using your bare hands or teeth.

Screen Protector

It can be difficult to leave your phone behind when you’re skateboarding or are playing volleyball outside. Unfortunately, smartphones are prone to cracking or shattering once they’re dropped, which can make them difficult to use and can cause them to lose value. Use iPhone 7 screen protectors to reduce the risk of damage that occurs to your phone, which will allow you to stay active and on the go without worrying about dropping your device.

Hydration Pack

When you’re taking a hike or are playing a sport, dehydration is extremely common when forgetting to drink enough water. Use a hydration pack to increase your water intake throughout the day and avoid heat exhaustion with a pack of water that is easy to wear as a backpack. This will allow you to avoid slowing down or stopping for water with a small tube that you can easily drink water out of. Many of the packs come with pre-installed reservoirs, which can be filled and cleaned in seconds.

UVB Sunglasses

Although most people understand the importance of wearing sunscreen while spending time outside, UVB sunglasses are just as important to wear to protect your eyes from harmful UVB rays. UVB rays are linked to cataracts and can even cause the eyes to become sunburned. Use dark glacier glasses if you’re spending time on ice or snow in the winter season, which will also improve your visibility.

First-Aid Kit

Accidents are prone to happen when you’re exploring the wild and are having fun, making it important to have the right items on hand to treat an injury that can occur. Pack a first-aid kit to tend to cuts, scrapes, or blisters that develop throughout the day to alleviate the pain and prevent an infection. Use a kit that includes a guide on how to use the products to ensure that they come in handy.

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