How to Store Your Drinks in Your Kitchen

Are you storing your booze properly? If your answer is ‘I’m not sure’ then you’re in the right place! Read our post on how to, below.

Us Brits are a proud nation of occasional drinkers. Most UK adults love a glass of something or other every now and again. Whether it be for a celebration or just after a really long day, having the occasional glass of alcohol is just common practice in British society. In our homes especially, you’ll find a wide array of alcoholic beverages whether they be stock piled for parties, guests or just because you love to buy in bulk.

One of the key things that many find is that they’re not storing their booze in the right way. How do we know? Well, we’ve poked around kitchens in Essex and the rest of the UK (with permission of course) in order to find out exactly how people are storing their precious drinks. It doesn’t look good… So, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a post about how you should be storing all the alcohol in your home! Grab a glass of wine or beer and have a read of this post, it could change your life…

Wine & Bubbles

Ah yes, lovely wine. We all love the occasional glass of grown up grape juice from time to time. Whether it’s a red to pair with steak, a white for fish or even a glass of bubbly to toast with, the nation loves a glass of wine with a nice meal. The key with wine is in the storage of it. It’s an integral part of the alcohol’s’ composition to be maintained and stored in the correct way.

The key thing to remember is that most wine comes with two types of lids – cork and screw tops. With corks in reds, whites, roses and sparkling wines or champagne, it’s essential that the drink is stored on its side. This ensures that the cork doesn’t dry out and crack allow air in, causing the wine to become corked. This can make the wine rancid and give it an acidic vinegar like taste that can really ruin the product. If you’re storing an open bottle in the fridge, obviously it doesn’t have to be on its side. For wine that you’re saving, and has a cork, it must remain on its side.

When it comes to temperature, the key thing is to store it in a cool place. Whilst a wine cellar may be out of your range and many opt for a wine fridge, there’s always the shed in the garden or somewhere cool. Don’t keep it next to anything hot or within the glare of a burning sun, as this can affect the composition and spoil the drink. For storing all types of wine and bubbles, it’s best to keep it at around 12o as this ensures the wine lasts for as long as possible and doesn’t spoil.


Another British classic drink is beautiful beer. We’ve been drinking beer since what feels like the dawn of time. At football games, in the pub and out with friends, it’s the drink of choice for many. Blended with hops and magic, the only way to ensure your beer tastes the best is to store it properly.

Beer needs to be stored in an upright position, to avoid the yeast inside floating around the bottle. By compacting the yeast in the bottom, by storing it standing, it slows the oxidisation of the beer – meaning it tastes better and lasts longer. Again, beers should be kept cool and away from sunlight, so the composition of the drink isn’t affected. However, you should never freeze beer! For starters, you’ll risk a minor explosion of the bottle with glass everywhere. Secondly, a defrosted beer just doesn’t taste like a properly stored one. So, store it right, and keep it cool. Obviously, most beers are made to be enjoyed cold, so move it into the fridge just before you plan to drink it. Some ales and other beers are best at room temperature, so make sure you know your stuff when it comes to storing. For the beers longevity however, keep it in a cool place and standing upright.


Finally, we have spirits. Perfect for cocktails, parties, weddings, celebrations and more, everyone has their own go to drink. Whether you’re a gin nut or a whisky aficionado, spirits are at the cornerstone of social drinking culture. But, when you’re keeping them at home, how should they be stored? Whilst in the spirit cabinet is the easy option, there’s the right way to ensure the spirits keep their flavour and composition too.

Well, it’s fairly simple. Spirits should be stored away from direct sunlight and preferably at room temperature – that’s what ice is for after all, no need to keep your hard booze in the fridge. Like all drinks, the flavour and taste will go downhill once opened, however higher percentage drinks should last longer (in theory) without losing their flavour and taste too.

Expiry Dates

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol can go out of date. It can turn rancid and go off, so don’t believe the hype that it will last forever. Whilst things like spirits have an extensive shelf life, and some unopened wines, other drinks won’t last as long. We’re talking months though not days, but it can and will go off – even if it’s eventually. However, store your booze right and it will maximise the shelf life of it. Always drink responsibly!

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How to Store Your Drinks in Your Kitchen

Are you storing your booze properly? If your answer is ‘I’m not sure’ then you’re in the right place! Read our post on how to, …