How to Clean and Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Over a long period of time, weather can cause damage to your outdoor furniture. Too many spells of heavy rain or a long summer of bright sunshine can result in your expensive outdoor furniture becoming severely damaged and in worst cases completely unusable. However, there are many different things you can do to prevent this from happening of which we are going to discuss throughout this short article. So, if you are looking to keep your outdoor furniture fresh and ready for the upcoming summer, then keep on reading.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Even if you keep your outdoor furniture covered, it is still going to accumulate unwanted dirt if you don’t clean it on a regular basis. When cleaning the furniture, it is important to take your time and choose a nice day where there isn’t any risk of rain. All you need to do a job is to use household soap or washing up liquid mixed into lukewarm water. However, do be aware, that if your furniture has iron features then you are going to need a special product to prevent rust from forming following

each clean. If you do see rust developing on your furniture, then it is important to remove it as soon as possible be using sandpaper. Once the rust is removed, you can then touch up the affected area with paint or polish to prevent it from forming again.

If you are unsure what product is best for your furniture then visit your local upholstery suppliers who will be able to provide you with the guidance you need. 

Protect the Fabric

Cushions are a great asset to any type of outdoor furniture especially hard iron chair or uncomfortable wicker chairs. However, they can get completely ruined very quickly when it comes to bad weather such as wind and rain. To protect your cushions, you must first give them a wash with mild washing up liquid and warm water. And, then once the fabric has completely dried, coat it with a fabric protector such as Scotchgard Multi-Purpose Fabric Protector. Another good thing to do to protect your cushions for damage is to keep them firmly tied down. This is to prevent them from going flying across your garden at the slightest hint of wind. A simple but effective way to do this is by using Velcro.

Take Care When Cleaning Wood

When it comes to cleaning wood furniture it’s important to exercise a little more caution. Most wood furniture is protected with a sealant and can be easily washed off if you don’t take extra care. However, untreated wood is especially susceptible to damage and chipping if force is used when cleaning so we would advise to not use any industrial tools such as a pressure washer. To achieve the best results, it is always better to opt for a damp cloth and a small amount of soapy water.

Think Ahead

One of the best ways of preventing your outdoor furniture from becoming damaged beyond repair is to be prepared. It’s not possible to predict the weather which is why it is a good idea to have all the tools and cleaning solutions in your kitchen cupboard. So, when that unexpected storm arrives, you will already have what you need to ensure that the furniture doesn’t get permanently damaged. Also, think about what time of year it is. If summer is approaching, then having appropriate covers for your furniture will help protect it from the sun’s rays when not in use.

If your home is located in an area that has long periods of cold weather or you don’t plan on using your outdoor furniture for a long time, then you should consider keeping it in storage to prevent any damage. When storing items like cushions and frames make sure that they are completely dry. Storage conditions should also be completely dry and cool as well.

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How to Clean and Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Over a long period of time, weather can cause damage to your outdoor furniture. Too many spells of heavy rain or a long summer of …