Go Green by Visiting Vegas Online

Las Vegas is home to the worlds’ best known gaming venues and megaresorts that consume a tremendous amount of energy every day. Legalisation of gaming by the State of Nevada in 1931, led to the rise of the entertainment industry in Las Vegas that characterises the city today. Las Vegas is known for its bright lights that illuminate the whole city every night to the amazement of tourists and visitors. Most of the electrical energy powered in Las Vegas comes from coal and oil whereas just a small amount of these energy comes from clear energy options such as movement of wind and waves, heat of the earth or solar power, or natural gases. Las Vegas can save a large amount of its energy if it starts using renewable energy sources and move to clean energy that does not pollute the environment.


Even though most of the megaresorts and casinos are built to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), most people visiting Vegas are unaware of the danger of high energy consumption in this driest region of the United States. Oil consumption is the number one source of carbon dioxide which is the most important global warming pollutant. Global warming pollution emitted from oil alone in America exceeds the emission of most nations in the world apart from China. Nearly one third of the America’s air emissions of nitrogen oxides and more than one fifth of emission of volatile organic compounds are generated from combustion of gasoline in motor vehicles.

The high water and energy demands of Las Vegas caused Lake Mead to reach record lows in recent years, whereas the sudden growth of Las Vegas since the 1990 has significantly degraded water resources across Nevada. Fingers are being pointed to the booming gaming industry and municipal water authority as being primarily responsible for the environmentally problematic development of the region. Las Vegas has emerged as one of the fastest growing city in America for much of the past century and this city is found in an area that is particularly water stressed. Water extraction for the needs of housing and hosting the millions of tourists visiting Las Vegas has degraded the Colorado River and its watershed, whereas studies indicate that there is a high chance that Lake Mead may run dry by 2021 due to climate change and excessive water extraction.

This may have put you off from visiting Las Vegas if you are environmental conscious, however you may still enjoy all the magic of Vegas without the need to make the long distance journey or moving from your house, and you won’t even be wasting any energy resources in the magical city. You can bring home the magic of Vegas by visiting MagicalVegas.com, a newly launched online casino where you can play all the favourite games that you can expect to find in the biggest of casinos found in Vegas. On MagicalVegas.com you will find a magnificent night view of the lighting of the various megaresorts and casinos’ on Las Vegas Strip which is the world known stretch of South Las Vegas.

Furthermore at Magical Vegas Casino you will find a great skyline view of the city and playing the Vegas-ised games will definitely take your mind to Vegas where you can break a few rock n roll moves. You can choose from a large range of casino games such as slot games, roulette, poker, blackjack and scratch cards games. You will definitely not have a feeling of guilt while playing at Magical Vegas as you know that you are not contributing to the energy wastage of the bright lights, slot machines and fountains in Las Vegas.

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