Design Your Home Office

Wh?t would ??u g?v? f?r b?tt?r w?rk-l?f? balance? Im?g?n?, ?nj???ng ??ur w?rk more, t? b? m?r? f??u??d wh?l? w?rk?ng, to g?t ??ur w?rk done with greater fl?w ?nd t? have ??m? time ?nd energy l?ft ?v?r ?t th? ?nd of th? day. What ?f ??ur h?m? ?ff??? w?? l?t?r?ll? a haven? Wh?t ?f ??u fun?t??n?d ?? ??t?m?ll? th?r? that ??u could ??tu?ll? l??v? ??ur h?m? ?ff??? ???n?r to d? more of th? other th?ng? ??u r??ll? love and find m??n?ngful ?n your life? 


A Home Office is not a Silly Idea

It’? ?ll m?r? possible than ??u th?nk. A l?t ?f bu??, ?u?????ful ?nd ?n-th?-g? ????l? h?v? figured ?ut the b?n?f?t? ?f a wisely d???gn?d h?m? office. Wh?th?r you’re a busy ?r?f?????n?l ?r th? CEO ?f your home, a cleverly designed home office makes w?rk feel, flow ?nd function m?r? ????l?.

Who Works from Home?

A???rd?ng t? Foster R????r?h, by th? ???r 2016, it’s ?x???t?d th?t 64 m?ll??n people will w?rk from h?m?. That’s a l?t of people. Gl?b?l W?rk?l??? An?l?t??? r???rt? ?n 80% ?n?r???? ?n telecommuting between 2005 ?nd 2012. Th?r? ?r? l?t m?r? home offices b??ng u??d, but are th?? l??d?ng t? b?tt?r work-life b?l?n?? or ?nh?n??d ??t??f??t??n and ?r?du?t?v?t? at work? Is th?r? a secret to h?rn????ng our best energy and d??? ?t ?t?m fr?m ??m?th?ng ?? ??m?l? ?? th? d???gn ?f ??ur home office?

Th? answer is a l?k?l? ???. Th? ?r?bl?m is th?t wh?n ?t ??m?? to Office Design, ????l? m??t?k?nl? focus ?ur?l? on W?rk Fun?t??n. H?w much f?l? ?????? Wh?r? does th? ???nn?r g?? Wh?t ?r? ??ur l?ght?ng n??d? ?nd ?? forth? All th??? are ?m??rt?nt ?????? ?n th?? puzzle, and it’s a puzzle best solved by Moleta Munro.

What Do I Need?

There ?r? ??m? ????l? wh? u?? their h?m? ?ff??? occasionally, while ?th?r? ???nd many h?ur? ?v?r? d?? ?t their d??k. N? matter what ??u use yours f?r, there ?r? ??m? ?t?l??h ?r?du?t? f?r your h?m? office ??u ?h?uldn’t be w?th?ut.

  1. A ??mf?rt?bl? ?rg?n?m?? ?h??r. Ev?n if ??u don’t ?l?n ?n ???nd?ng m?n? hours ?t ??ur desk, ??u w?ll ?r?b?bl? ?nd up sitting th?r? l?ng enough to h?v? ?r?bl?m? ?f ??u d?n’t h?v? a ?turd?, supportive ?h??r. Th?? is ?n? ?f th??? areas wh?r? ??u d?n’t w?nt to ?k?m? ?n ?u?l?t?. Y?u ?h?uld get ?n? w?th ?rmr??t?, adjustable seat h??ght, ?nd w?th th? ergonomic ?tru?tur? to k??? your ???n? aligned t? ?r?t??t your n??k, shoulders, and lower b??k.
  2. The r?ght d??k f?r ??ur ?????f?? n??d?. Consider whether ??u w?ll be u??ng a PC ?r l??t?? ?nd g?t a d??k th?t ?? d???gn?d f?r that t??? ?f ??m?ut?r.
  3. Qu?l?t? l?ght?ng. Wh?th?r ??u ???nd hours on th? computer or poring over th? b??k?, you n??d t? h?v? ?d??u?t? lighting t? prevent ??? ?tr??n.
  4. Personal ?t?m?. Unl??? th?r?’? ??m? r????n ??u w?nt ??ur home ?ff??? to l??k as ??r??u? as a r??l ?ff???, why not g?v? ?t a m?r? personal t?u?h? Add f?v?r?t? ???tur??, a v??? ?f flowers, ?r a ??ff?? ??t. G?t ?r??t?v?!
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