Choosing a Front Door Design

Every now and then, many homeowners feel the urge to change things up on the exterior of their home – buying new flowers and topiary, freshen up the mulch, tidy the rocks etc. One thing that may not occur to homeowners is that changing the exterior door can make a huge impact, with just a little bit of effort. A new door will not only look nicer, but will also raise the monetary value of the house.

It may contribute to the energy efficiency of the house as well. Some things to consider while choosing an exterior door are aesthetics (material and color), as well as security. If a new lock is needed, it would be wise to consult with a professional Atlanta locksmith technician. Having the peace of mind that the door is secure for years to come is worth the price of a phone call.


The Material

Materials for an exterior door must be strong enough to resist burglaries and local climate conditions. Wood, fiberglass and steel are the three most common exterior door materials, because they prove to be fit for the functionality.

  • Wood

Many wood doors are a faux substitute, but there is nothing quite like the real thing. These days, they are made with a wood core, topped by a wood veneer skin that is at least 1/16th of an inch thick. The thickness of the veneer minimizes the chances of warping, cracking and changing shape. High gloss finished and durable stains are key to purchasing an exterior door that will last a long time. This does not mean that a solid wood door should not be checked on every now and then. Annual maintenance will ensure any areas that need refinishing are not overlooked.

Dullness, dry touch to the finishes, white shades and dark streaks are all indications that those areas need to be refinished. Light sanding, cleaning and re-priming these spots will cure it.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass composite doors are relatively affordable and are quite durable. They require little to no maintenance and some may offer warranties for as long as the buyer is living in the house. These doors can withstand much more harsh and humid climates, as well as resist warping, rot, rust and denting. These doors have a core that is a bit more insulated than wood and offer finishes that actually looks similar to wood.


  • Steel

Steel doors have a tenancy to be a bit more delicate than wood and fiberglass. They are temperature conductors and tend to not do well in harsh environments. Steel doors are also not as expensive, yet they do suffer from dents and dings.

Not all door manufacturers make hardware that fits other manufacturers, so be sure to get all hardware supplied by the same manufacturer, including hinges, lock sets and weather strips. This might be fairly costly, but it will ensure a cohesive look and security to the door system.

The choice of lock is an important factor that should be taken into consideration. This is a choice that a good Atlanta locksmith can help with. Also, choosing a color is almost as important as choosing the material. Someone may choose to stay in a safer color zone, like white or brown, and someone else may choose to step out of the box and make a statement with a bold color. No matter what to choose, just remember that an exterior door does reflect on the homeowner.

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Choosing a Front Door Design

Every now and then, many homeowners feel the urge to change things up on the exterior of their home – buying new flowers and topiary, …