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Britain’s Most Playful Home

Architects have been known to take themselves extremely seriously, so it’s refreshing to meet one who pokes fun at his own profession. Matt White, 40, may live in a sleek white box and abhor clutter, but he’s aware of the cliché of the fastidious modernist architect. In his kitchen, rows of mugs adorned with letters

How We Really Live in our Homes

A few weeks ago, a complete stranger asked if he could put closed-circuit TV cameras inside my house. Ordinarily, I would reject that kind of offer, but Don Ferguson turned out to represent Ikea, the Swedish supplier of fixtures and fittings — and meatballs — and he claimed that it might be to my advantage.

The Best Seats in the House

If one piece of furniture symbolises cosy, classy domesticity, it’s the kitchen table. We might wince at the aspirational shorthand “kitchen supper”, as demonstrated by telly chefs from Jamie to Nigella, and practised in households from David Cameron’s in Downing Street to, er, Brian and Jennifer’s in The Archers, but it has an irresistible savour

Shingle Style Cottage

This shingle style cottage is located close to the beach and it was built for a family who wanted a place close to the water where their extended family could enjoy summer and holidays. Designed by Polhemus Savery DaSilva, this cottage was built with character and relaxation in mind. The inspiring and bright interiors are complemented
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