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Combine the benefits of city living with a country-style home

Now we all know when it comes to buying a new property, location is one of the most important factors in choosing a new home. However, for some people, deciding where they want to live isn’t that easy with many torn between the convenience of a city and the charm of a countryside home. If

Keeping it Vintage

Less rock, more glam,” Pearl Lowe says of her current approach to Christmas. “Definitely tasteful glam, though. I love dark colours and bold florals, so I painted the living-room walls navy and the floors black, but the kids were scared to go in. In the end, I went back to basics and chose Pointing, a

A Feast for the Eyes

Mark Christophers admits that, when it comes to his west London home, he is a compulsive tweaker. “I just can’t help myself,” the entrepreneur explains. “And I’m not afraid of starting from scratch if the effect isn’t exactly what I am looking for.” Christophers, 47, is better known as one of the co-founders of the

Fairest of Them All: the Swish New Ethical Homewares

Ethical used not to be a good look. Virtue, in the form of environmentally friendly, ethically sourced homewares, tended towards the clunky: vases woven from recycled plastic, dodgy ethnic crafts. The point, for devotees, was not that they looked good, but that they did good. In the past, aesthetically, you had to pick a side:
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