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Reasons Why You Must Focus on Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry likes to tell you what to do: wear this top, buy these pants, use it with a pair of boots, carry this bag. But when they talk about sustainable fashion, they are mostly stuck, and of course, they know they have a green wardrobe, but what exactly are they? Take Yew’s ethical

4 Reasons Canvas Bags a Great Choice for Durability and Longevity

There are plenty of things you should take the time to think about when ordering bags for your business. Your mind is probably racing to design options and brand messaging, but you might want to start by considering the right material if you need something that’s going to prove exceptionally durable.

The Benefits Recycling Has For Your Business

Now, more than ever, we appreciate the importance of recycling. We have seen the damage that plastic and other non-biodegradable materials have had on our natural environment, as well as the problems that pollution causes.

Cool Advantage of Owning a Green Car

If you’re in the market for an environmentally friendly car, chances are you’re pretty conscious of the world around you and your impact on it. You probably also take seriously your role to help protect the environment, and are drawn to the smaller carbon footprint made by driving a green car. The diminished environmental impact
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