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Ghost Town Property Development Projects

Networking really helps if you do it right, testimony to which was the result of a trans-Atlantic business conference I attended, part of which had us all networking as entrepreneurs in attendance. I managed to land an overseas property development project, but I won’t say exactly where because as of right now this market is

6 interesting Uses of Timber through the Ages

Timber has been used for more than just house construction over the years. Ranging from uses in aviation to dental care both hard and softwood timber is a versatile material. When it comes to timber profiling there are many different options and here are five of the most interesting.

Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Design into Your Home

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apartment-architecture-bookcase-bookshelves-271795/ A human’s mind brings a lot of ideas that every year there are different innovations discovered. Through these ideas being uniquely presented, we find ourselves anticipating for more. However, due to the advancement of our society each year, you might find yourself disconnected from the natural world when we are surrounded by technology.

8 smart storage hacks

If you need to save space in your home, here’s how to do it stylishly We all want our homes to look clean, uncluttered and show home ready, but unfortunately work, family life and socialising tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. But even if you don’t like throwing things away, it is still possible
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