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Ghost Town Property Development Projects

Networking really helps if you do it right, testimony to which was the result of a trans-Atlantic business conference I attended, part of which had us all networking as entrepreneurs in attendance. I managed to land an overseas property development project, but I won’t say exactly where because as of right now this market is

8 Eco-friendly Tips to Green your Bathroom

Green is in, even when it comes to bathrooms. That being said, in the rest of this post, we’ll list down some of the best ways to make the bathroom an eco-friendly space. You do not need to do a lot, yet you can enjoy an abundance of benefits, including cost savings in the long

Understanding Eco-Friendly Plumbing at Home

Given the number of issues our environment is currently facing, we need to do our  share. Stop thinking that if other people are not concerned about these problems,  why should you do your part. If everyone thinks the same way, nothing will happen.   By making small steps in making this world a better place to live in, it will be a huge  help. You should think about it especially for plumbing issues at home. Before  installing or repairing anything, you need to think about eco-friendly plumbing. There  are ways to help save the environment even with simple plumbing changes.   Use a low-flush toilet   Your toilet at home consumes one-third of the total water usage. When using a  low-flush toilet, you save 30% more water than regular toilets. This prevents water  from being wasted. It also reduces hydro spending. Another thing to do is make sure  that the toilet is functioning properly, without leaks or cracks. Leaks in a toilet could  waste up to 750 litres of water in one day.   Turn your taps off  This seems to be a no-brainer but a lot of people forget about turning the taps off. As  a result, water is wasted. This holds true when you are brushing your teeth or  shaving. You are wasting up to 3 gallons of water for every minute that you allow the  water to continue running.   Check your outdoor plumbing  Plumbing issues are not just concentrated indoors. You might also have plumbing   issues outdoors that have to be immediately dealt with. You must have a water  system that helps keep plants and grass healthy without the need to waste lots of  water. There are also drip water systems that are more suitable for houses or smaller  areas. You can also use timers so that you can just open the hose or sprinklers and  they will stop once the task is done. Rain barrels may also be installed to catch water  coming from the roof gutter and reuse it.   Deal with plumbing issues   When there are repair issues at home, they need to be dealt with right away.  Whether it’s your sinks, toilets or showerheads, you can’t afford to ignore plumbing  issues. There are eco-friendly choices for replacement as well that are cheaper. For  instance, new toilet models can save up to 1.30 gallons of water each day as they are  super-efficient. Tankless water heaters are also an option as they consume less  energy than traditional gas water heaters.   With the help of the best plumbers, repair and replacement issues can be easily  solved. Contact the best plumber East London offers if you live in the area, and you  can transform your home into an eco-friendly home. 

5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

If there is one room worth splurging on, it has to be the bathroom. After a long and busy day, nothing feels better than a personal spa session. Making it happen is no cakewalk, but do not let space limitations put you off: Luxury bathrooms take many shapes, forms, and sizes, so you can let
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