How to Build the Perfect Eco Friendly House

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Just the fact that you’ve clicked on this article is a highly encouraging thought itself. It’s difficult to argue against the statistics that thoroughly prove how big of a negative effect we’ve had on our planet. True, some people don’t really care, but those of us who do have been trying our best to introduce the term “green” into anything that could potentially become an ecological hazard. Looking forward to the day green cars are a proper thing, but until then, we can start with our homes.

Are you interested in building a house and customizing it to be as ecologically friendly as possible? There are many ways in which you can do that, but here, we provide some of the most useful and, yet, basic tips.

Getting Started

There are some things that you need to consider even before you start laying the foundation for your dream house.

  • Location: If you can afford it, be picky with the property you’re about to purchase. Avoid houses that are facing west, which bask in sunlight more often and can often be troublesome when trying to keep cool. Settle down in an area that has a high ratio of green spots. The more trees, the better the air. The better the air, the healthier your lungs.
  • Minimalism: If you happen to benefit from the possibility of getting to choose the size of your lot, then we highly recommend that you go for the smaller version. Small houses are ideal for their ecological value, but for the economic one as well. They have a lesser impact on the environment, and it takes a lot less energy to heat or cool them up.
  • Materials: The materials chosen for the construction of the house are crucial. You can protect the environment by opting for materials that can be recycled or that bring some benefit to the environment. For example, you can gain great advantages from using bamboo, cork, linoleum, or reclaimed lumber.

Building the House

Now that we have a starting point, it’s time to delve into the more specific aspects of the process.

Sustainable flooring: It’s probably the most important point since any house, green or not, needs to have a floor, doesn’t it? Many of these floors are crafted from wood that resulted from breeds of trees that take years to grow and mature. With more of them getting chopped down than sprouting and growing, it’s pretty much a matter of life and death. Lend a hand to the environment by making use of the previously mentioned bamboo, which is a fast-growing plant that also gives a really chic aesthetic boost to any home.

Install solar panels: Even if you’re not familiar with ecology, you’re surely aware of the fame of solar panels and how big of a difference they can make. Although a bit costly at first, the long-term savings that result from solar panels are definitely worth it. Solar energy is free and renewable, and it can create an even bigger combo by powering up motorized systems that provide indoor natural ventilation.

Properly isolate: The biggest enemy to the environment (and also to our pockets) is house cooling and heating. Roughly 50% of the monthly costs of an average hardworking citizen are geared towards balancing the temperature within the walls of our houses. These costs can be drastically reduced if you choose to thermo-isolate your house. This involves a variety of things from isolating your basement or attic so the air won’t travel there to swapping old windows for isolated ones and to opting for a “cool roof” that reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it into the structures.

There are many things to be researched, but these are the must-know basics for all and any future green-house building aspirants. For more information, consult an architect. Bonus points if they know a few things about eco-friendliness. And, more importantly, the change begins with you, so turn off that tap while you’re brushing your teeth.

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How to Build the Perfect Eco Friendly House

Source Just the fact that you’ve clicked on this article is a highly encouraging thought itself. It’s difficult to argue against the statistics that thoroughly …