Best Practices For Expressing Green Living

To think green, and to be green, is one thing, but to express it so that others can tell what you’re doing is a little big of another. So, if you do choose the route of the environmentalist, not only can you be doing what you think is the best thing, you can also show it (without shoving it in people’s faces, by the way) so that your environment represents your views about environmentalism.


It might just take a few tweaks to your normal behavior as well, including things like planting trees in conspicuous places, growing your own garden and highlighting it, using obvious solar panels, buying energy efficient appliances, and having as many indoor plants as possible.

Planting Trees

Every environmentally-oriented person is going to plant trees. But with the purchase and planting of certain kinds of trees, you’ll be showcasing the fact that you care about quality and detail as well as green practices. It’s always better to start by planting native organisms, just because you know they’re well-suited to sustainability in the region, but beyond that there are practical reasons to have trees that are bold and beautiful as well.

Growing Your Own Garden

If you have a yard, you can grow a garden. But instead of tucking it back somewhere that only you can see it, why not put it in the front yard and highlight what you’re doing to your neighbors? Read some tips about plants and sunshine angles, and then mix that with the idea that you want people to know what you’re doing, and there will be the perfect place for you to grow all of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Using Solar Panels

Buy your solar panels big, beautiful and obvious. Make them a central visual focus of your home from a distance. New panels are even far more aesthetic than they used to be, but the point of putting them front and center is so that everyone knows that you care about sustainable energy sources.

Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are also a mainstay of the green population, so make sure that everything that you purchase has that sticker on it, from air conditioners to furnaces, washing machines to dishwashers and computer monitors.  Be proud that you are doing your part to only use as much energy as required to do the jobs at hand, rather than being wasteful just because you can.

Eliminating Disposable Products

Often people are careless with their purchases and opt for disposable products for their convenience. Eliminating these purchases reduces the amount of waste that your household produces. Investing in good quality re-usable products like safety razors as oppose to using disposable razors can reduce the waste that you send to landfill.

Having Indoor Plants

And if you’ve ever seen the inside of a proud environmentalist’s home, it’s always going to be full of well-cared-for plants. Cacti and aloe are popular for year-round reminders, but then there are all sorts of seasonal flowers that you can add to the mix as well.


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Best Practices For Expressing Green Living

To think green, and to be green, is one thing, but to express it so that others can tell what you’re doing is a little …