The Best Indoor Plants & Flower Arrangements for Your Home

Flowers are one of the most wonderful decorative additions to your home. Adding beauty and fragrance, indoor plants and flower arrangements can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. They add the perfect pop of colour and that extra subtle kick a room needs to finish off the décor and are also believed to help uplift mood and atmosphere. A plant or flower arrangement can look as aesthetically pleasing sitting inside the home in a large vase, wooden flower box, fiberglass plant trough or hanging basket.


Some plants and flower arrangements work better than others in adding a subtle or statement finish to a space in your home. We have put together a list of the best indoor plants and flower arrangements that you should consider if you are keen to instantly refresh interior design.

  1. Hanging Planters

Do you have high ceilings in your home? If so, consider using classic hanging plants from the beams of the ceiling, especially in kitchen and living areas. They are a more unconventional way to occupy space and make a room appear more homely – climber plants are a particularly good choice. For an even more unique touch, consider hanging planters upside down from the ceiling to add incredible freshness and colour to a space.

  1. African Violets

African Violets make such a great house plant – they are just so low maintenance and easy to grow. Their pop of purple colour is a great choice for living areas, hall areas and bathrooms and they bloom all year around too. African Violets are an excellent subtle decorative addition to any room and can adapt to almost any environment.

  1. Peace Lillies

Lillies are ever so elegant and instantly add a touch of class to any room in your home. Peace Lillies are a particularly popular choice of indoor plant as they can tolerate low light and low humility. With glossy leaves, even when not in bloom, they are an ever so beautiful addition to any room. For a hint of colour, consider adding in some Royal Purple, Salvia or Artemisia to your arrangement.

  1. Jasmine

Few plants and flowers offer quite as amazing a scent as Jasmine. With stunning coloured flowers, you also get the benefit of a very aesthetically pleasing plant when in bloom. There are lots of different types of Jasmine to choose from but Arabian Jasmine and Many-Flowered Jasmine are two of our preferred choices because of their particularly exquisite scents and eye-catching pink and white blooms.

  1. Peonies

Certain flowers make excellent decorative additions to bedrooms including lillies, lilacs and tea roses. However our top choice of floral arrangements for a bedroom or guest room are definitely Peonies. These incredible flowers look absolutely fantastic when in bloom in the Spring and just as eye-catching when boasting lush foliage during the Summer.

Don’t be fearful of embracing flowers and plants inside of the home as well as outside. Flowers offer the easiest way of instantly transforming a space so get creative and choose arrangements that both look and smell good.

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