Bedroom Project

All ?v?r the Int?rn?t th?r? ?r? some ???l Tumblr-inspired b?dr??m?, wh??h ?? ?x??tl? why I d???d?d it was time f?r a m?n? b?dr??m makeover.  Even w?th m? ?m?ll budg?t, I w?? ?bl? to pull off a ?r?tt? ?n?r?d?bl? r?m?d?l. F?r th??? ?f ??u interested ?n redecorating your b?dr??m, h?r? ?r? ??m? t??? ?nd tricks that I l??rn?d ?l?ng the w??:


St?? 1: You need a Theme

This is ?m??rt?nt because you d?n’t want t? h?v? a room w?th l?t? of ?r?z? ??tt?rn? and ??l?r?. Some tr?nd? room th?m?? are z?br? ?nd ??nk, b???h ?nd blu? ?nd neon colors. If n?n? of th??? ???m t? f?t ??ur personality th?n pick ??ur ?wn room th?m?.

St?? 2: Main Furniture

S?l??t and ?n?t?ll ??ur m??n r??m elements, ?u?h ?? furn?tur?, and b?dd?ng. S?m? “mu?t h?v?” furn?tur? in your r??m ?? a b?d, ( I mentioned this in case sleeping bags are your thing!), a n?ght?t?nd ?nd a dr????r and/or closet. S?m? optional furn?tur? ?????? ?r? a d??k, r??d?ng ?h??r, toy ?h??t?, b??k?h?lv??, b?n?, etc. B?dd?ng is th? k?? to keeping ??ur entire r??m theme ??h???v? ?? make ?ur? it’s b?dd?ng th?t ??u r??ll? l?k?!

St?? 3: Add Accessories

Details, details, details! A??????r??? are important b???u?? th?? give ??ur r??m ??z?zz. Some ?f m? f?v?r?t? ?n?x??n??v? ?nd cool ???????r??? include:

  • Fl?w?r? ?n M???n J?r?
  • W?ll photo ?tr?ng
  • Cute l?m??/l?m? ?h?d??
  • Photos in coordinating frames
  • Stuffed or Fluffy toys? If you love them best you send a hint to the family to buy you something different every Christmas and birthday.
  • Posters of your favourite singer, movie star or Pixar character.

Hint: You can pick up some insane bargains and get everything you need from just the one store and save money and time.

St?? 4: Personalize Your R??m

Ev?r??n? kn?w? th?t ??ur r??m w?ll b? n? fun w?th?ut ??ur personal style. Here ?r? some t??? t? show th? w?rld you’re wh?  you are:

  • Ph?t?? ?f ??u/?nd ??ur fr??nd?/f?m?l?
  • Th?ng? th?t you love (th?nk h?bb???, ???rt? ?nd ?nt?r??t?)
  • Y?ur ?wn ?r?ft?
  • C?rkb??rd ?nd other textiles
  • An?th?ng th?t you w?nt th?t ?h?w? your ??r??n?l style and ??r??n?l?t?!

St?? 5: Organization

Org?n?z?t??n is a definite must f?r your “n?w” r??m ?? ??ur new r??m can’t b? a m??? ?ll th? time.  Here ?r? ??m? g??d ?rg?n?z?t??n t??? th?t I f?ll?w:

  • C?nt??n?r?, B?n?, Tr??h??n? – Toss it or ?t?r? Messiness ?n a room ?? ??m?th?ng you don’t want guests t? be talking about.
  • Dr?w?r Org?n?z?r? – These will h?l? organize r?nd?m junk ?n ??ur dr?w?r?.
  • B? Creative – P??k u? ?n?th?ng th?t w?ll h?l? ?rg?n?z? ??ur r??m

Th??? ?r? ju?t f?w t??? t? jum??t?rt your bedroom m?k??v?r. T? get m?r? ideas, ?h??k ?ut some videos online. Remember, l?t ??ur personality ?h?n? when it ??m?? t? ??ur room – ?ft?r ?ll you’ll be ???nd?ng a l?t ?f t?m? ?n ?t!

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