How To Add A Retro Vibe To Your Kitchen


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The kitchens of the past were bold and colorful. Today, however, it is more fashionable to have a pristine, minimalistic look. For anyone who enjoys a little throwback decor, you may like the idea of a channeling the past with a retro style kitchen. Many retailers are now designing new furniture and appliances in a retro style, meaning your kitchen can look vintage but still have modern devices. You can compliment this look with a few second-hand pieces of furniture and accessories. By mixing old and new items from your preferred period, you can achieve a unique, retro vibe to your kitchen.


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Pick an era

Do you love the oversized light shades of the 70s or the bright blues and pinks of the 50s? It is a good idea to hone in on your preferred period as it will make it easier when you come to picking your furniture and accessories, and will ensure consistency. If you don’t know what era you prefer, have a look through some interior design magazines or do some research online for inspiration. Picking a period is not absolutely necessary, however. If you prefer to mix items that are inspired by a variety of eras, this could also work. If you choose to do this though, you should pick a color palette in order to achieve some consistency.

Pick some retro-style appliances

Second-hand kitchen appliances will provide an authentic look. However, you should bear in mind that if the manufacturers or models no longer exist, you may not be able to maintain them. It may be a safer option to buy brand new items when it comes to your kitchen appliances. Retro-inspired interior design is very popular and so it is not hard to find some appropriate devices. You may wish to investigate the full range provided by some trustworthy manufacturers. Brands like Frigidaire may have a retro line of appliances, and it is easy to get your hands on Frigidaire parts, if required. It is a good idea to have a few retro pieces that are the focal point of your kitchen. This could be the oven or fridge, for example.


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Pick some retro furniture and accessories

Add some period appropriate clocks, radios, telephones and pictures to enhance the look. If you are going for a 70s style kitchen, think white curved furniture with red cushions. You may be able to find some tableware with bright 70s patterns from a thrift shop. Curtains with bold patterns will also help to achieve a 70s style kitchen. You can hark back to the 60s by choosing mustard and avocado colored furniture and accessories. If you are going for a 50s look, think pink, turquoise and yellow. If you like the American diner-style look, search for  silver-framed furniture with cherry red leather cushions. A black and white tiled floor would complete this look beautifully. If you are very committed to achieving your 50s style kitchen, why not look into purchasing a jukebox? You are most likely to be able to source one of these online.

We hope that these suggestions for nostalgic items will look perfect in the retro-style kitchen of your dreams.

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How To Add A Retro Vibe To Your Kitchen

Image source The kitchens of the past were bold and colorful. Today, however, it is more fashionable to have a pristine, minimalistic look. For anyone …