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Hello and welcome to Fabulously Green. My name is Sarah Tukevic living in UK. I am an enthusiastic reader, regular gym goer and a card player (I seldom win though) As far as the writing is concerned, I am a contributor at Fabulously Green where I primarily write about tips and hacks related to home improvement, interior design and materials that tend to degrade after a certain period of time. My inspiration behind starting as a contributor to home improvement and interior design, emerged due to my exceptional interest in helping people with these issues and enrich them with sophisticated and new ideas. And Fabulously Green found to be the best arena to showcase my experiences comprehensively.

Besides curating content related to home improvement and interior design, I also prefer to share my ideas with my readers to help them handle various green issues like food reservation at home.

I also keep a regular track of various products that tend to solve above-mentioned issues and provide comprehensive guides to improve home and their interiors, and produce comprehensive reviews about these products along with honest pros and cons to help people choose their ultimate solutions wisely. You can find these reviews on this link (fill in the link to specific page) and choose the product depending on your needs.

At home, I always love to keep experimenting and tweaking with interiors for a fresh and fascinating living. Later, I share my experiences with my readers to help them add elegance to their lifestyles. You can see my writings on my blog and find out latest methodologies to improve your home and interior.

I am also a graphic designer with an acute interest in creating innovative and delicate designs that when spiced with creativity, can add a exquisite looks to your home interiors. My graphic creations involve inventive and systematic plans to figure out a problem or attain a certain objective. Whether it is logo designing, branding, publications (news and magazines), printed advertisements, product packaging or website related designs, I always look forward to get involved with all these subsets.

Thanks for stopping over my profile and I look forward to your next visit on my content and graphic designing resources at Fabulously Green and my social links.