8 smart storage hacks

If you need to save space in your home, here’s how to do it stylishly

We all want our homes to look clean, uncluttered and show home ready, but unfortunately work, family life and socialising tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. But even if you don’t like throwing things away, it is still possible to enjoy a tidy home. You just need the right storage.

The word storage might make you think of big plastic boxes shoved up in the loft, but we’re here to broaden your horizons. Storage can be both smart and stylish. Here’s how.

Statement vintage storage

Don’t just choose an item of storage furniture for its practical value, look for style too. Like any other piece of furniture, you should want an item of storage furniture to look good and fit in with the rest of your décor. And vintage is one of the best ways to do this.

Vintage storage is durable, practical and beautiful. The history and craftsmanship behind vintage storage means you’ll be getting an item of furniture which is completely unique to your home. Check out online sites like Vinterior for solutions that bring with them a sense of character as well as functionality. Some of their vintage storage is just beautiful for example this ‘Vintage Green Industrial Plans Chest of Drawers with bras cup pulls for only £510.00 We think it’s just lovely.

A ‘finishing touch’ ottoman

An ottoman fills the criteria for looking great and being practical, so this one is a no brainer. Find a stunning ottoman design which blends seamlessly into your bedroom décor so that it feels right at home at the end of your bed. This will give you a stylish place to house all your spare bedding and towels, which can be bulky and tend to take up a lot of room.

Creative console tables

Console tables fit perfectly into entrance halls, dining rooms and living rooms. They are a great place to store some of the items you don’t mind having out on display, like ornaments and stylish books. Look for options which fit with the rest of your furniture, and don’t be afraid to dress it up with fresh plants and artwork above.

Bright and bold box shelves

For bedroom storage solutions — particularly in a child’s bedroom — consider eye-catching and colourful box shelves. These are a fun way to bring some excitement to a space while also giving you several deep drawers for storing clothes, books and whatever else you don’t want on display.

Open shelving

Continuing with the shelving theme, open shelving is a great option for areas like the living room, dining room or even a home office. Like the console table, you’ll need to fill your shelves with the stuff you don’t mind being out on display, but it does give you the opportunity to play with designs and looks.

Kooky kitchen hanging storage

In the kitchen, there are plenty of items which will need to find a home. From cups and plates to spices and sauces, the kitchen is chockful of stuff — but arguably the hardest items to place are pans. Pans are, by nature, pretty bulky. So instead of shoving them in a cupboard, turn them into a feature by installing hanging storage above the cooker. This will create a delightful homey feel.

Get practical with under bed storage

Beds take up a lot of room, so don’t waste it. Choose a bed which both looks great and fulfils your storage needs by offering under bed storage for bedding and clothes you’re not currently wearing very often.

Decorate deep windowsills

It’s surprisingly easy to turn a plain old windowsill into an inviting nook, providing the windowsill is deep enough. So check whether any of your windowsills have a decent amount of depth to them, because this could be the optimum place to store books, photos and plants.

Get storing!

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8 smart storage hacks

If you need to save space in your home, here’s how to do it stylishly We all want our homes to look clean, uncluttered and …