6 interesting Uses of Timber through the Ages

Timber has been used for more than just house construction over the years. Ranging from uses in aviation to dental care both hard and softwood timber is a versatile material. When it comes to timber profiling there are many different options and here are five of the most interesting.

Civil and Military Aviation

Timber has been used form the early days of the Wright Brothers right through to the present day. In fact, one such plane was planned to be built entirely from timber during world war two. Timber was also used in the production of many world war one planes due to its lightweight relative to metal.

Dental Uses

Dentures formed from timber were invented in Japan during the sixteenth century through taking a mould from beeswax. This mould was then used as a model for very carefully carved dentures. The early models were made entirely from softwood timber, however, later versions adopted ivory and animal horn. They were not completely replaced though as wooden dentures were used in Japan up until the nineteenth century.


A more artistic approach has been adopted by various people over the years. The different colours and textures of the multiple options of timber available mean many different styles can be created from both hard and softwood timber. These sculptures often have a more natural look to them and can be a welcome addition to any garden or home.

Tall Buildings

Timber is becoming more useful in the construction of skyscrapers and other tall construction projects. As well as being more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other common construction materials the cross-laminated timber (CLT) is fire resistant and cost-effective.

Timber also has insulating properties making it good for colder environments. This versatility also makes it a very popular building material in housing and commercial construction.

Nautical Uses

It will come as no surprise that timber has been used throughout history as a popular material for shipbuilding. The type of timber used varies from oak to fir; with the fir ships tending to have shorter lives than their oak counterparts. Most Navy ships were also constructed from hardwood to promote a strong hull. Live Oak was used in many US frigates during the First World War due to its resilience to saltwater wear and tear. It is also the strongest of the oak timber varieties.

Multiple Functions for a Versatile Material

Timber has been used since early human history for a host of reasons and has helped fuel the growth of humanity in all its varieties. You may not be embarking on a large scale naval construction project but for all other timber, needs head to Timber Source today!

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