5 Ways to Have An Environmentally Friendly Move

The current state of the environment requires each and every one to contribute towards preserving nature. There are small steps that can be taken to make your life more eco-friendly. The smallest and biggest tasks in your daily life can be done in a way that will help the environment. This is the case with house moving as well. Here are 5 ways in which you can make house moving environmentally friendly.


Use Recycled Packing Material

Use packing materials that have been recycled from other things. There are boxes, containers and cartons that you can find that have been made through recycling discarded things such as newspapers. The manufacturing of new packaging material requires drawing from natural resources. By using recycled packing material, you ensure that you are not damaging the environment in any way.

Recycled material for packing is easily available. You won’t have any apprehensions about the quality of the material because they are durable enough to protect your belongings.

Get the Right Sized Vehicle

The bigger the vehicle, the more fuel that it needs to burn. Take a look at your belongings and then estimate the size of the vehicle that would suffice for carrying all your things easily. After determining the right vehicle, call a moving firm and ask them to send a vehicle of that size. If the moving truck is large, it is likely that there will be space left after all your things have been loaded. The right sized vehicle will ensure that there is no wastage of fuel or space.

Communicate Change of Address

Communicate change of address to all people and institutions that are in correspondence with you. The postal service is going to provide you redirection that will send your mail to your new home even if it has been sent to your old address. However, that would take two trips for the mail company to deliver. Two trips are not needed if you communicate the change of address before moving. The journeys are going to utilize fuel and hence damage the environment.

Take Only What You Need

Check your home and take out all the things that you have been keeping for no reason whatsoever. Sort them out and figure out which are the things that you still need. All the other ones have to be disposed or given away to people who can make better use of them. This will reduce the volume of belongings you have to move to your new place.

Be Careful When Packing

Pack carefully so that all your things are safe and secure. The risks of damage during transit is high. You might need to replace some of the damaged items. Pack carefully so that there are no problems with overstuffing and all your things are packed safely. This will mean that you have to transport a smaller volume of goods.

These are 5 ways in which you can make your house moving environmentally friendly.

Tom has helped many households to move house over the years. When he is not offering tips, Tom is a blogger and marketer at Walkers specialising in international relocations.

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