5 Ways To Make Your Garden More Beautiful

No matter how big or small your garden may be, there is plenty that you can do to make it look more beautiful and a nicer place to be – and if you can you should! Having a nice home is one thing, but having a nice garden will allow you to enjoy the summer months more fully and spending time outside is good for you.

So whether you want to add value to your home, or you want to live the outdoors lifestyle more often, we have some tips to help you make the most of your space:

Looking After Your Plants

The first step to a beautiful garden is of course getting the right plants and looking after them correctly. The best plants for you will depend on your tastes and how much time you want to spend tending to them.


A rose in a garden, looking pretty

If you like a low hassle garden then go for a range of different coloured (flowers) shrubs and maybe some dwarf conifers to as to add interest but without blocking your natural light. If in doubt, here is a good guide to choosing the right plants.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind the maintenance, then you can pick based on what colours you like and which plants you like the most. Ideally you should try to add some plants which flow at different times of year. Be aware of maintenance needs though:

  • Roses will need pruning every year and feeding often
  • Bedding plants will need to be watered regularly in summer
  • Some perennials need cutting at the end of each season

The Right Garden Furniture

Although this might feel like more of an afterthought, your furniture is what will allow you to sit and enjoy your garden, so think carefully. Light weight furniture may not look great by the end of winter, so unless you have somewhere to store it safely, it may be worth investing in some hard wooden or even stone furniture.

Wooden furniture will need treating each year and probably need a good clean each spring if you want it to look it’s best, whereas stone furniture will be the lowest maintenance, but is not to everyone’s tastes.

Additionally, if you are leaving wooden furniture on grass over the winter the legs will start to rot sooner than if you place your furniture on stone or some other hard patio surface.

Add Some Aquatics

Building a garden pond isn’t as hard as you might think and it can add a real dash of interest to your garden – especially if you decide to keep fish in it.


 Your pond doesn’t have to be this big of course

Ponds can also be low maintenance and if you add a water feature such as a small fountain they make a great focal point.

Things to consider:

  • For a low maintenance pond, don’t put it directly under tress (leaves = mess)
  • A decent water pump will prevent stagnation and keep the water healthy
  • Add layers of different depths to maximise the bio diversity
  • Include a shallow area to allow animals to drink & in case hedgehogs fall in
  • There is a full guide on planning your pond here

Heating & Lighting

Finally, think of those long summer evenings when you could be enjoying your garden. The two essential ingredients for an extended summer evening are light and warmth. Fortunately neither are difficult to find.


Outdoor lighting can look pretty amazing

A patio heater is one option, or you could also consider a chimenea in which you can burn garden waste whilst keeping warm.


And so can patio heaters!

In addition, some strategically placed solar powered lights around the garden can instantly make a dark outdoor space feel magical and modern lighting options are generally very low maintenance. Just try to place your lighting in areas which won’t quickly become overgrown.

Invite In Some Nature

And what’s the finishing touch you ask? Simple, share your garden with the local wildlife. You don’t have to give up your modern comforts, but a few simple touches such as:

  • A bird feeder
  • Some bird seed or fat balls
  • A bird baths
  • Lots of bright flowers

Will all attract lots of nature and will help to make your garden feel alive!

About The Author

Hi there, my name is Ricky. I love writing about gardening and I love being outdoors. I work at Swallow Aquatics, who sell various garden supplies and when I am not working you will probably find me in the garden (weather permitting!) Thanks for reading, and enjoy your gard



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5 Ways To Make Your Garden More Beautiful

No matter how big or small your garden may be, there is plenty that you can do to make it look more beautiful and a …