5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

If there is one room worth splurging on, it has to be the bathroom. After a long and busy day, nothing feels better than a personal spa session. Making it happen is no cakewalk, but do not let space limitations put you off: Luxury bathrooms take many shapes, forms, and sizes, so you can let your imagination run wild.

Beyond everything else, an escape-worthy space should reflect your personality, suit your needs, and fill you with pristine tranquility. Here is how to take it from blah and whatever to stunning and beautiful.

Use extravagant materials

Prime-quality materials are the key to capturing the indulgent flair. Nowadays, natural stones and minerals are not used just as decorative elements. Marble is the muse of many designers and there are many ways to incorporate it. The same goes for other paragons of natural luxury.

Take the example of walls clad in marble and limestone, etched-stone or granite flooring, and polished stone sinks. Metals are also making a big comeback, especially in the form of finishes like brass, stainless steel, gold, silver, and platinum. Get the best of both worlds by adding a finishing touch with a marble-and metallic shower door.

Eclectic charm

Modern bathrooms most often have that distinctly clean and simplistic feeling. In other words, they feature clean lines, minimal coloring, and top-notch furniture. Still, it is fine to break the rules a bit and invite some of the classic and vintage savor if you wish it so.

Likewise, do not hesitate to inject warmth and soften the contemporary edge with organic elements such as ebonized white oak cabinets and lacquered oak vinyl walls. Another way to contrast modern lines is with rugs that speak to your sense of style.

Attention-arresting centerpiece

Invest in one breathtaking centerpiece that oozes unparalleled elegance, such as the Symphony Washbasin. A lighting centerpiece is a must-have, as it not only draws attention, but also highlights the main design and architectural features of the bathroom.

Of course, the bathtub cannot be overlooked. Something like a superb freestanding bath is a classic epitome of luxury, but there are some other options worth considering, such as a serene, marble-clad master bath. In opulent master bathrooms, it is also not uncommon to see tubs that are cast concrete or aged brushed iron.

Unexpected twist

Make sure to infuse the bathroom with a dash of originality. Paint-on-mirror artwork, for example, gives a modern, personal edge. Furthermore, feel free to introduce elements that are usually found in other rooms of your home. A flat TV mounted on a wall will turn your bathroom into much more than a room for just grooming, beautifying and bathing.

Tech-savvy bathrooms are increasingly popular anyway, so knock yourself out. And when it comes to furniture, think outside the box. Shop around for custom-design vanities, stone benches, and metal chairs. Just do not forget to keep the clutter at bay and save floor space with built-in and custom storage solutions.

The art of accenting and decorating

A white color scheme emits the classic charm, and sets the stage for an open, airy space. However, it can also feel sterile and plain. So, consider creating a striking black-and-white contrast with tiles, fittings, and bath. Alternatively, opt for floral patterns and geometrical shapes that are quite popular and spark visual interest.

In any event, you should disrupt the monochrome backdrop and make things more interesting with smart accents and décor pieces. Therefore, pay attention to detail and elements like brass shower fittings and faucets as well as metal-finish door knobs, and bold mosaic shower and floor tiles.

Soothing indoor oasis

To witness the interior design magic before your eyes, take a look at prominent trends that steal the design shows in 2018 and beyond. At the same time, be original and authentic. Assemble a space you will never really want to leave. Do not shy away from dramatic and statement choices.

Personalize as much as you can. Blend warm and cozy beauty with the best that contemporary design has to offer. Bathe in luxury and style and treat yourself to a modern sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort.

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5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

If there is one room worth splurging on, it has to be the bathroom. After a long and busy day, nothing feels better than a …