15 Close to Fruity Orange Living Room Designs

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. You can use different mixes to achieve the orange shade that you want to get – lighter or darker. This color usually is associated to hunger and food. That is why fast food chains like McDonalds use this as their main color for their structures.

These 15 Close to Fruity Orange Living Room Designs is a collection of spaces that you can use in your very homes – whether you will use orange as an accent color or a wall color or just the furniture, this list will definitely be a source of inspiration.

Annie Kelly Beach Home


Cutie wall decors that looks like tears from afar – would you want that in your house? We sure would want one! The orange sofa makes this white room full of life.

Baer Retreat


This place is indeed a great place for retreat! The contrasting colors of nature and the living room set that this space is not painful in the eyes because of the neutral colored walls.

Ball Park Condo


We love the thought of using one specific color and experimenting it with different shades and textures!

Darien Family Room


This huge orange couch makes all the things inside this room prettier. It’s like this color is alive and shares its life to everything around it.

White Orange Living Room


The architectural richness of the living room has a clear spatial organization expressed through colors and textures used in perfect balance.

Colorful Orange Living Room


This space sure is colorful and would definitely pass for a place that was planned for a tropical country. Prints everywhere.

Contemporary Orange Gray Living Room


This modern condo is a pied-a-terre where the client stays when coming into the city to enjoy the Portland art scene. The large accent wall, a vibrant orange, reflects the client’s favorite color. The painting above the sofa is an original by the designer

Retreat Room Hero


The brownish orange walls sure make the gray couches and neutral colored decors look more pretty than it already is.

Glenwood Residence


The side tables of this wonderful home looks stunning being beside the white couch and walls. The wall accents made the walls interesting too!

Logan Canyon House


Light yellow walls and dark ceiling treatment – contrasting themes for one large living room space.

Nashville Traditional Living Room


Look at how bright this living room is! Bright orange walls and large velvety chairs! One thing’s for sure, this space is sure comfy!

Orange Living Room


Image: Hazeeensh
We like the orange tidbits in this living room. From the television case, brackets and consoles.

Orange Teen’s Living Room


Image: Dizzy Miro
Any teen who would be given this space as his or her own would probably never have to go out of the house! The color, choices of furniture and decors are fascinating.

Tel-Aviv Living Room


The thing about using bright colors – when using the right amount, the colors just seem to pop and make any room beautiful.

Utopia Project


This room is beyond comfortable and stunning. It may seem to have limited items inside the space, but with the huge living room set, the room seems to have everything in one place.

How cool was this collection of 15 Close to Fruity Orange Living Room Designs? They sure bring out the beauty in any room since orange is a bright color and has a very strong impact, whether it is an accent color for the wall, maybe as a furniture color, or even just for your area carpet! Check out our 15 Vibrant Small Living Room Decor Ideas and tell us what you think by sharing it with your friends in your fave social networks!

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15 Close to Fruity Orange Living Room Designs

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. You can use different mixes to achieve the orange shade that you want to get – lighter …