10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger


  1. Consider a Wetroom Design

The best option if you want to add a shower to a small bathroom is a wetroom design, with one continuous floor space that keeps the room feeling open. 

  1. Choose light colours

Make your bathroom look as bright and spacious as possible by sticking to a pale colour palette. Walls painted or tiled in light colours help even the most petite bathrooms appear larger.

  1. Sufficient storage

Finding the right storage for your bathroom is a great way to make the most of your space. Opt for a vanity unit with built in under-sink storage, or add a mirrored cabinet for storage that doesn’t take up any floor space.

  1. Add mirrors

Mirrors bounce light around the room, helping your space to look bigger. For very narrow bathrooms, consider adding a feature wall with large mirrored panels to open up the room as much as possible.

  1. Get the lighting right

A well-lit bathroom will always seem bigger than a dark and dingy one. Strategically placed spotlights, or built in vanity lights help by illuminating every inch of the room.

  1. Maximise floor space

One way to keep a smaller bathroom from feeling cramped is to select furniture that takes up minimal floor space. Look for wall mounted basins and toilets that are smaller and less intrusive.

  1. Keep it clear

Replacing shower curtains with a glass shower enclosure or bath screen is a quick solution for a confined bathroom, as they open up the space and make the room feel lighter and airier.

  1. Matching floor and wall tiles

A clever decorating tip for little bathrooms is to use the same patterned tiles on the walls and floor. The continuing pattern tricks the eye and makes the room look much bigger.

  1. Make the most of wall space

Get creative and use as much of your wall space as possible- install towel rails and hooks, add shelves and even wall mounted soap dispensers.

  1. Keep it clean and tidy

Too much clutter can make any bathroom appear instantly smaller. Keep countertops as clear as possible by having only the essentials on display, and clean regularly to make sure your bathroom always looks its best.

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