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Rotpunkt Kitchens Guide – All You Ever Need to Know About the Rotpunkt Design

All you need to know about Rotpunkt Kitchens – from what they are and why you need one in your home. When you think of all the great things that have come out of Germany you never think of beautiful kitchens. Sure, many things you don’t expect, like Fanta, the Taximeter and the Holepunch have

Why Should You Install an Ergonomic Kitchen?

If you’ve been looking for a top of the line kitchen, you’ve probably run into the term ‘ergonomic’. It’s one thrown around frequently when it comes to home design, but few people take the time to truly understand what it means and what benefits it can bring.

The new makeover menu for your kitchen

Grey is still going strong but you should avoid yellow and learn to love grainy textures and industrial chic, says Robin Ash

Renovating your kitchen: from shoestring to blow-the-budget

Spring makeover ideas at every budget for the ‘social hub’ of the home Ed Miliband has two, so do Kate and Wills. We are talking about kitchens — which have risen to the top of the political agenda, after the revelation that the Labour leader has not one, but two, in his north London house.
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