Oil, Lacquer, or Matt: Choosing the Right Timber Floor Finish

You really need to finish your wood floor when it is newly laid or freshly sanded. Doing so acts as a barrier against dirt, moisture, and everything else that comes in contact with your floor. Of course, there isn’t only one type of finish, so you’ll need

Learn to love the 1980s, says Milan Furniture Fair

The Italian event is the largest of its kind — think Glastonbury Festival, but with better-dressed people The Milan Furniture Fair — the Salone del Mobile — has just come to an end. There may be other such international events, but Milan remains the largest and most

Sorry, you can’t take that posh city break in my house: it’s too condensed

There are gorgeous houses in my west London neighbourhood where the bedrooms look like five-star hotel suites and the sitting rooms have featured on Downton Abbey or Grand Designs.

What improvements increase your home’s selling price?

When you carry out home improvement projects, there’s an immediate benefit to your quality of life but there’s also the possibility of an uplift in your property’s selling price. The question is, given the variety of works you can carry out, if you were looking to see

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